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Monday | June 3, 2019

Mon.am.1: Quantum Information Processing I

Chair: Christine Silberhorn | Auditorium

9.15am–9.45am Christine Silberhorn
CEWQO2019: Welcome
Michael Dreier (Mayor of the City of Paderborn)
Birgitt Riegraf (President of Paderborn University)
9.45am–10.30am Rainer Blatt [abstract]
Plenary Quantum Computation and Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ca+ Ions

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Mon.am.2: Quantum Information Processing II

Chair: Tim C Ralph | Auditorium

11.00am–11.30amAndreas Buchleitner (presented by Giacomo Sorelli)[abstract]
Invited Entanglement dynamics under atmospheric turbulence
11.30am–11.50amAlexander Streltsov [abstract]
Quantum coherence and state conversion: theory and experiment
11.50am–12.10pmLuca Mazzarell [abstract]
Quantum Research CubeSat (QUARC)
12.10pm–12.30pmKai Redeker [abstract]
Device-Independent Certication of a 398 m Link for Future Quantum Networks

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Mon.pm.1A: Quantum Simulation I

Chair: Mauro Paternostro | Room A

2.00pm–2.30pm Henning Schomerus [abstract]
Invited Topological effects in active media
2.30pm–2.50pm Magdalena Stobinska [abstract]
Photonic quantum simulations of SSH-type topological insulators with perfect state transfer
2.50pm–3.10pm Tobias Geib [abstract]
Topological aspects of discrete and continuous time quantum walks on one dimensional lattices
3.10pm–3.30pm Bo Wang [abstract]
Experimental observation of topologically protected bound states with vanishing Chern numbers in two dimensional quantum walk

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Mon.pm.1B: Quantum Sensing I

Chair: Animesh Datta | Room B

2.00pm–2.30pm Matteo G A Paris [abstract]
Invited Squeezing phase diffusion
2.30pm–2.50pm Ilaria Gianani [abstract]
Multiparameter quantum phase estimation for tracking of chemical processes
2.50pm–3.10pm Vasiliy Makhalov [abstract]
Non-gausian states for enhanced sensing of magnetic fields
3.10pm–3.30pm Andrey Rakhubovsky [abstract]
Stroboscopic High-Order Nonlinearity in Optomechanics

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Mon.pm.2A: Quantum Correlations & Entanglement I

Chair: Alexander Streltsov | Room A

4.00pm–4.30pm Mauro Paternostro [abstract]
Invited Revealing quantumness without looking
4.30pm–4.50pm Andreas Ketterer [abstract]
Characterizing multipartite entanglement with moments of random correlations
4.50pm–5.10pm Jasmin Meinecke [abstract]
Detection of Genuine Multipartite Entanglement Without Any Reference Frames
5.10pm–5.30pm Tatiana Mihaescu [abstract]
Detecting entanglement of unknown continuous variable states with random measurements

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Mon.pm.2B: Fundamentals of Quantum Optics I

Chair: Michael Stefszky | Room B

4.00pm–4.30pm Hugues de Riedmatten [abstract]
Invited Integrated Multiplexed Photonic Quantum Memories
4.30pm–4.50pm Boulat Bash [abstract]
Fundamental limits of discrete-modulation quantum-secure covert optical communication
4.50pm–5.10pm Michael Johanning [abstract]
Experimental implementation of a device-independent dimension test for quantum systems using genuine temporal correlations
5.10pm–5.30pm Margarita Man'ko [abstract]
Hidden correlations and information-entropic inequalities in systems of qudits

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Tuesday | June 4, 2019

Tue.am.1: Quantum Sensing II

Chair: Radim Filip | Auditorium

9.15am–10.00am Jörg Wrachtrup (presented by Ilja Gerhardt) [abstract]
Plenary Multiparameter quantum sensing with nanoscale resolution
10.00am–10.30amChiara Macchiavello [abstract]
Invited Detection of bounds on quantum channel capacities and entanglement properties from limited local measurements

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Tue.am.2: Quantum Metrology I

Chair: Myungshik Kim | Auditorium

11.00am–11.30amAnimesh Datta [abstract]
Invited Quantum sensing: Multiple parameters & fault tolerance
11.30am–12.00pmLijian Zhang [abstract]
Invited Precision metrology using weak measurement
12.00pm–12.30pmRafał Demkowicz-Dobrzański [abstract]
Invited Quantum error correction in multi-parameter quantum metrology

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Tue.pm.1A: Quantum Sensing III

Chair: Otfried Gühne | Room A

2.00pm–2.30pm Piet O Schmidt [abstract]
Invited Motional Fock states for quantum-enhanced amplitude and phase measurements with trapped ions
2.30pm–2.50pm Jascha Zander [abstract]
A trajectory in phase-space surpassing the Heisenberg-uncertainty limit
2.50pm–3.10pm Dominic Branford [abstract]
Quantum enhanced estimation of diffusion
3.10pm–3.30pm Jonas Junker [abstract]
High-Precision Spectroscopy Enhanced with Squeezed Light

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Tue.pm.1B: Quantum Simulation II

Chair: Henning Schomerus | Room B

2.00pm–2.30pm Vincenzo Tamma [abstract]
Invited The quantum computational and metrological supremacy of multiphoton interference with scalable sources
2.30pm–2.50pm Andrea Smirne [abstract]
Simulation of non-Markovian dynamics by certified auxiliary models
2.50pm–3.10pm Aurelian Isar [abstract]
Dynamics of quantum coherence of two-mode Gaussian systems in a thermal environment
3.10pm–3.30pm Paulina Marian [abstract]
Quantum speed of evolution in a finite-temperature bosonic environment

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Tue.pm.2A: Quantum Light-Matter Interaction I

Chair: Richard Mirin | Room A

4.00pm–4.30am Wolfram Pernice [abstract]
Invited Waveguide integrated single photon detectors
4.30pm–4.50pm Emanuele Distante [abstract]
Time entanglement between a photon and a spin-wave in a multimode solid-state quantum memory
4.50pm–5.10pm Dorian Gangloff [abstract]
Quantum coherent interface of an electron and a nuclear ensemble
5.10pm–5.30pm András Vukics [abstract]
From superradiant criticality to solidification – fundamental limitation of ultrastrong coupling between light and atoms

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Tue.pm.2B: Fundamentals of Quantum Optics II

Chair: Margarita Man'ko | Room B

4.00pm–4.30pm Tamás Kiss [abstract]
Invited Measurement induced complex chaos in quantum protocols
4.30pm–4.50pm Nathan Walk [abstract]
Optimal realistic attacks in continuous-variable quantum key distribution
4.50pm–5.10pm Georgios Nikolopoulos [abstract]
Quantum-safe entity authentication with physical-unclonable keys
5.10pm–5.30pm Radim Filip [abstract]
Quantum non-Gaussian multiphoton light

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Tue.Poster: Poster Session I

5.30pm–8.00pm | poster session details ↓

Wednesday | June 5, 2019

Wed.am.1: Quantum Light-Matter Interaction II

Chair: Benjamin Brecht | Auditorium

9.15am–10.00am Dagmar Bruß
Plenary Connecting the Resource Theories of Purity and Coherence
10.00am–10.30amJürgen Eschner [abstract]
Invited Quantum networking tools with single atoms and single photons

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Wed.am.2A: Quantum Light-Matter Interaction III

Chair: Jürgen Eschner | Room A

11.00am–11.30amPascale Senellart [abstract]
Invited Generation of non-classical light in a photon-number superposition
11.30am–11.50amHui Wang [abstract]
On-demand semiconductor source of entangled photons which simultaneously has high fidelity, efficiency and indistinguishability
11.50am–12.10pmStephan Götzinger [abstract]
Close to perfect coupling of single photons to a single molecule in a microcavity
12.10pm–12.30pmHyang-Tag Lim [abstract]
Observation of enhanced interactions between dipolar polaritons

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Wed.am.2B: Fundamentals of Quantum Optics III

Chair: Matteo G A Paris | Room B

11.10am–11.30amVladimir Man'ko [abstract]
Probability representation of photon states and tomography
11.30am–11.50amJaehak Lee [abstract]
No-cloning bound and secure teleportation beyond Gaussian states
11.50am–12.10pmGunnar Björk [abstract]
Evaluating the performance of Photon-Number-Resolving detectors
12.10pm–12.30pmDavid Phillips [abstract]
Photon-Number-Resolved Homodyne Detection

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Thursday | June 6, 2019

Thu.am.1: Ultrafast Quantum Optics I

Chair: Gunnar Björk | Auditorium

9.15am–10.00am Mike Raymer [abstract]
Plenary Phase-Modulated Two-Photon Interferometry and Spectroscopy
10.00am–10.30amTim Ralph [abstract]
Invited Quantifying entanglement in Gaussian states

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Thu.am.2: Ultrafast Quantum Optics II

Chair: Val Zwiller | Auditorium

11.00am–11.30amValentina Parigi (presented by Syamsundar De)[abstract]
Invited Quantum Frequency comb for Quantum Complex Networks
11.30am–11.50amFrancesco Graffitti [abstract]
High efficiency pulsed spectral-mode entanglement generation
11.50am–12.10pmNicolas Quesada [abstract]
Scalable squeezed light source for continuous variable quantum sampling
12.10pm–12.30pmXiaoying Li [abstract]
Flexible engineering of quantum state using nonlinear interferometer

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Thu.pm.1A: Ultrafast Quantum Optics III

Chair: Vahid Ansari | Room A

1.50pm–2.10pm Matthieu Ansquer [abstract]
Modal analysis of optical frequency comb's dynamic
2.10pm–2.30pm Giuseppe Patera [abstract]
Modal approach to quantum temporal imaging
2.30pm–2.50pm Sacha Schwarz [abstract]
Reconstructing ultrafast energy-time entangled two-photon pulses
2.50pm–3.10pm Thiago Lucena de Macedo Guedes [abstract]
Ultrabroadband squeezed pulses and finite-time Unruh-Davies effect
3.10pm–3.30pm Filip Sośnicki [abstract]
Bridging sub-GHz and telecom spectral bandwidths of single-photon pulses

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Thu.pm.1B: Quantum Correlations & Entanglement II

Chair: Syamsundar De | Room B

2.00pm–2.30pm Alejandro González-Tudela [abstract]
Invited Unconventional quantum optics in structured photonic environments
2.30pm–2.50pm Olga Tikhonova [abstract]
Controllable enhancement of non-classical squeezed light in correlated orbital momentum modes
2.50pm–3.10pm Vincenzo D'Ambrosio [abstract]
Tunable two-photon quantum interference of structured light
3.10pm–3.30pm Tiff Brydges [abstract]
Probing Renyi Entanglement Entropy via Randomised Measurements

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Thu.pm.2A: Integrated Quantum Optics

Chair: Natalia Korolkova | Room A

4.00pm–4.30pm Xianmin Jin [abstract]
Invited 3D photonic quantum chips and quantum simulation
4.50pm–5.10pm Jeremy Adcock [abstract]
Reconfigurable four-photon graph states on a silicon chip
5.10pm–5.30pm Yichen Liu [abstract]
Compact source of narrow-band counterpropagating polarization-entangled photon pairs using a periodically poled KTP waveguide

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Thu.pm.2B: Quantum Correlations & Entanglement IV

Chair: Norbert Lütkenhaus | Room B

4.00pm–4.30pm Val Zwiller [abstract]
Invited Nanodevices for emission and detection of single photons
4.30pm–4.50pm Karol Bartkiewicz [abstract]
Kernel-based quantum machine learning with photons
4.50pm–5.10pm Iulia Ghiu [abstract]
Sudden death and rebirth of entanglement of the Werner state obtained by using time-dependent magnetic fields
5.10pm–5.30pm Jia Kong [abstract]
Measurement-induced macroscopic entanglement generation in a hot, strongly interacting atomic system

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Thu.Poster: Poster Session II

5.30pm–8.00pm | poster session details ↓

Friday | June 7, 2019

Fri.am.1: Quantum Metrology II

Chair: Mike Raymer | Auditorium

9.15am–10.00am Carl Caves [abstract]
Plenary Finding SU(1,1) interferometry where you didn't expect to
10.00am–10.30amPhilip Walther [abstract]
Invited Quantum photonics for secure quantum computing and novel communication tasks

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Fri.am.2: Quantum Simulation III

Chair: Vincenzo Tamma | Auditorium

11.00am–11.30amNorbert Lütkenhaus [abstract]
Invited Quantum Communication with Coherent States of Light
11.30am–11.50amJelmer Renema [abstract]
The Hardness of Boson Sampling under Imperfections
11.50am–12.10pmIsh Dhand [abstract]
All-optical generation of tensor network states via nonlinearity or post-selection
12.10pm–12.30pmAurél Gábris [abstract]
Benchmarking quantumness of a two-photon quantum walk simulator

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Fri.pm: Fundamentals of Quantum Optics IV

Chair: Christine Silberhorn | Auditorium

2.00pm–2.20pm Alexander Sergienko [abstract]
New Linear-Optical Approach to Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Simulation
2.20pm–2.40pm Ling-An Wu [abstract]
High-Resolution Low-Radiation Ghost Imaging with an Incoherent X-ray Source
2.40pm–3.00pm Christine Silberhorn
CEWQO2019: Closing Remarks

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Poster Sessions

Tue.Poster: Poster Session I

Tuesday | June 4, 2019 | 5.30pm–8.00pm
Snack: Bier & Brezeln

01.Young-Wook Cho Experimental observation of a quantum Cheshire cat using a weak measuring device (Room B) [abstract]
02.Zhihong Zhu Optical activity in monolayer black phosphorus (Room B) [abstract]
03.Matthias Kizmann Substantially squeezed states of light from a time flow perspective (Room B) [abstract]
04.Marc-Oliver Pleinert Many-particle interference to test Born's rule (Room B) [abstract]
05.Piotr Gładysz Evolution of a low-frequency impulse in a medium of asymmetric atomic systems (Room B) [abstract]
06.Marta Misiaszek Method for a photon number statistics estimation (Room B) [abstract]
07.Christian Brand Diffraction of atoms through a crystalline grating with sub-nm period (Room B) [abstract]
08.Feixiang Xu Experimental quantification of coherence of Quantum Measurement (Room B) [abstract]
09.Jan Olthaus Simulation of NV centers coupled to silicon nitride photonic crystal nanobeam cavities (Stage) [abstract]
10.Marlon Placke Dispersion-engineered AlGaAs-on-insulator waveguides for integrated nonlinear quantum optics (Stage) [abstract]
11.Melanie Engelke­meier Quantum feedback in parametric down-conversion (Stage) [abstract]
12.Jan Philipp Höpker Towards integrating superconducting nanowire single photon detectors on lithium niobate waveguides (Stage) [abstract]
13.Frederik Thiele Polarisation Modulation in Cryogenic Lithium Niobate Waveguides (Stage) [abstract]
14.Stepan Balybin Properties of squeezed light generated in ring microresonators (Stage) [abstract]
16.Francesco Albarelli The Holevo Cramér-Rao bound for multi-parameter quantum metrology (Exhibition) [abstract]
17.Evangelia Bisketzi Quantum limits to the superresolution of multiple point sources (Exhibition) [abstract]
18.Vahid Ansari Quantum-limited time-frequency multiparameter estimation through mode-selective photon measurement (Exhibition) [abstract]
19.Aron Vanselow Mid-infrared frequency-domain optical coherence tomography with undetected photons (Exhibition) [abstract]
20.Paul Kaufmann A nonlinear interferometer for mid-infrared spectroscopy with undetected photons (Exhibition) [abstract]
21.Ilya Karu­seichyk Super-resolution by accessing spatiotemporal correlations (Exhibition) [abstract]
22.Martin Paur Optical Resolution at the Quantum Fisher Information Limit (Exhibition) [abstract]
23.Mattis Reisner High-accuracy measurement of refractive index difference for fiber laser applications (Exhibition) [abstract]
25.Jesús Rubio Quantum networks for multi-parameter metrology (Exhibition) [abstract]
26.Danilo Triggiani Quantum metrology with squeezed states (Exhibition) [abstract]
27.Mikhail Korobko The benefits of internal squeezing in cavity-enhanced sensing (Exhibition) [abstract]
28.Jas­minder Sidhu Optimal estimation of complex squeezing in phase space (Exhibition) [abstract]
29.Helen Chrza­now­ski Imaging with undetected photons in the mid-Infrared (Exhibition) [abstract]
30.Johannes Tiedau Limits for heralding higher-order Fock states (Room A) [abstract]
31.Liang Xu Directly Characterizing Quantum Measurement via Weak Value (Room A) [abstract]
32.Paul Renault Squeezed state measurement using multipixel homodyne detection (Room A) [abstract]
33.Dominik Koutny Compressed sensing of twisted photons (Room A) [abstract]
34.Seckin Sefi Deterministic implementation of two mode cubic coupling (Room A) [abstract]
35.Dmitri Horoshko Operator ordering sensitivity: measure of nonclassicality of a quantum state (Room A) [abstract]
36.Matthew Thornton Efficient generation of sub-Poissonian light via coherent diffusive photonics (Room A) [abstract]
37.Daria Popoli­tova Interaction of Three-level Atom with Non-Classical Light and Generation of Non-Gaussian States (Room A) [abstract]
38.Takeo Kamizawa On Shifner-Erugin-Salakhova-Chebotarev Type Open Systems (Stage) [abstract]
39.Dario Tama­scelli Efficient simulation of finite-temperature open quantum systems (Stage) [abstract]
40.Andrea Geraldi Experimental realization of an innovative Phase-Stable Bulk-Optic scheme for Quantum Walks (Stage) [abstract]
41.Lennart Lorz Photonic quantum walks with four-dimensional coins (Stage) [abstract]
42.Thomas Nitsche Quantum Walks with Non-classical Input States (Stage) [abstract]
43.Syam­sundar De A Single-Photon Source for Time-Multiplexed Quantum Walk (Stage) [abstract]
45.Bo Liu Accurate Time Synchronization for Satellite-to-Ground Quantum Key Distribution (Room A) [abstract]
46.Tobias Huber Towards a solid-state quantum repeater using highly efficient single photon sources (Room A) [abstract]
47.Xiaoqin Gao Arbitrary d-dimensional Pauli X-Gates of a flying Qudit (Exhibition) [abstract]

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Thu.Poster: Poster Session II

Thursday | June 6, 2019 | 5.30pm–8.00pm
Snack: Bier & Brezeln

01.Roberto Grimaudo Cooling of Many-Body Systems via Selective Interactions (Room B) [abstract]
02.Lei Wang Experimental High-Dimensional Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering (Room A) [abstract]
03.Antonino Messina Coupling-assisted Landau-Majorana-Stuckelberg-Zener transitions in two-interacting-qubit systems (Stage) [abstract]
04.Karolina Sędziak-Kacprowicz Single photon temporal wavepacket control for qudit encoding (Stage) [abstract]
05.Orsolya Kalman Sensitivity to initial noise in measurement-induced nonlinear quantum protocols (Stage) [abstract]
06.Chen Dong Free-space measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution with gamma-gamma distribution (Stage) [abstract]
08.Xin Hua Chip-based compact squeezing experiment at a telecom wavelength (Stage) [abstract]
09.Faezeh Kimiaee Asadi Quantum repeaters with individual rare-earth ions at telecommunication wavelengths (Stage) [abstract]
10.Simon Neves Practical Authenticated Quantum Teleportation and Anonymous Transmission (Stage) [abstract]
11.Bo Liu Statistical Fluctuation Analysis for QKD between Micius Satellite and Graz Ground Station (Stage) [abstract]
12.Xiaolong Su Distribution of Gaussian Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering by separable states (Stage) [abstract]
13.Alessio Avella Optimized quantum differential ghost imaging (Stage) [abstract]
14.Kateřina Jiráková Experimental demonstration of Hardy's paradox using three-qubit states (Stage) [abstract]
15.Chris Müller Time correlation of photon pairs from a triply-resonant optical parametric oscillator far below threshold (Stage) [abstract]
16.Matthieu Arnhem Weak realignment criterion for detecting continuous-variable entanglement (Exhibition) [abstract]
17.Armando Perez-Leija Certifying quantum correlations of photon subtracted two-mode squeezed vacuum states (Exhibition) [abstract]
18.Mayerlin Nunez Portela Measuring entangled two photon absorption cross sections and controlling the frequency correlations of paired photons for spectroscopic applications (Exhibition) [abstract]
19.Nicolò Piccione Energy bounds for entangled states (Exhibition) [abstract]
20.Iskender Yalcin­kaya Synchronizing spins in a collision model (Exhibition) [abstract]
21.Ales­sandro Ferreri The multimode four-photon Hong-Ou-Mandel interference (Exhibition) [abstract]
22.Matvei Riabinin Measurement-induced nonlinearities in two-mode systems (Exhibition) [abstract]
23.Fabian Lauden­bach Intrinsic entanglement generation on polymer-based integrated circuit (Exhibition) [abstract]
24.Vladislav Sukhar­nikov Managing weights and probing the phases of Schmidt modes of squeezed vacuum light (Exhibition) [abstract]
25.Mathilde Remy Survival of quantum entanglement in transmission without plasmonic resonance (Exhibition) [abstract]
26.Jiří Svozilík Entanglement Witness for Hybrid Bipartite States Based on the Negativity Volume of the Wigner Function (Exhibition) [abstract]
27.Dmitri Boiko Validation of échelle-based quantum-classical discriminator with novelty SPAD array sensor (Exhibition) [abstract]
28.Roman Zakharov Photon Correlations In Strongly Non-Degenerate Parametric Down Conversion (Exhibition) [abstract]
29.Serban Suciu Resource Theory in two-mode Gaussian Open Systems (Exhibition) [abstract]
30.Evan Meyer-Scott Quantum buffering for time-multiplexed multi-photon entanglement (Exhibition) [abstract]
31.Nicolas Quesada The Classical Complexity of Gaussian Boson Sampling (Room A) [abstract]
32.Alexandra Moylett Quantum simulation of partially distinguishable boson sampling (Room A) [abstract]
33.Saleh Rahimi-Keshari In situ characterization of linear-optical networks in randomized boson sampling (Room A) [abstract]
35.Wolf-Rüdiger Hannes Dynamic approach to multi-photon absorption of semiconductors using a two-band model (Room A) [abstract]
36.Jianfa Zhang Optical trapping at the nanoscale with graphene plasmonic nanostructures (Room A) [abstract]
37.Peter Grünwald Higher-order correlation function g(k) and sub-k photon projection (Room A) [abstract]
38.Alex Widhalm Ultrafast electric control of coherent quantum states (Room A) [abstract]
39.Dirk Heinze A Single Photon Source based on Two-Photon Emission from a Quantum-Dot Biexciton (Room A) [abstract]
40.Igor Khramtsov Instantaneous generation of single-photons from NV centers in diamond upon electrical excitation (Room A) [abstract]
41.Ilaria Gianani Measuring quantum coherence through statistical properties (Exhibition) [abstract]
42.Chong Li Lyapunov–based cooling of mechanical oscillator with arbitrary frequency (Room B) [abstract]
43.Hamid Hamedi Azimuthal modulation of electromagnetically induced transparency using structured light (Room B) [abstract]
44.Mohamed Musa Comparison of semiclassical and fully quantum mechanical models of two and three level atoms interacting with a quantized cavity mode (Room B) [abstract]
45.Richard Lopp Relativistic light-matter interaction of an atom (Room B) [abstract]
46.Victor Roman-Rodri­guez Feasability study of satellite quantum key distribution with continuous variables (Room B) [abstract]
48.Monika Mycroft Long-range distribution of multiphoton entanglement (Room B) [abstract]

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