One of our main roles is to promote the cultural diversity of the University. We do this by organising various events where you can learn about other cultures through presentations, music, dance, quizzes and of course food!

Intercultural Week

Every year, in Summer Semester, we host the biggest cultural event at the university. We provide a platform for international students to showcase their cultures to other students and workers. Intercultural Week is a three-day event which takes place in the Library’s Foyer (Bibo Foyer). For these three days, students set up displays that represent various aspects of their culture such as food, clothing, dances, music, etc. Around midday each day, the Bibo Foyer becomes an intercultural stage, where people dance, sing, play instruments and vibrantly represent their cultures. On the last day, we host the prize giving ceremony where we extend our appreciation to the individuals that participated and also give prizes to the teams that best represented their cultures. The celebration ends with an international food and music party.


We provide the opportunity to every culture to host cultural evenings where they can represent their cultures. At these cultural evenings, the responsible students share information about their country and this is followed by various dance and musical performances. Often times there are even surprises and prizes! The cultural representation is not complete without food and there’s usually lots of delicious local foods and dishes. As with most other events, we close the event with dancing and music.

International Friends

We host this event approximately 2-4 times per month and we organise activities to encourage socialising and engagement. With some snacks and drinks, a fun mood, International Friends is often a good place to meet new people and have a good time. It may be while playing various games, painting or participating in one of the many activities that may be scheduled.