Who are we?

The International Students Union (ASV – Ausländische StudierendenVertretung in German) represents all international students of the University of
Paderborn – regardless of whether they are full time english/german masters, regular, exchange students, language course participants, or even applicants.
We are Project area of the Central students council of the University (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA) in German). As an elected Student council,
AStA is the student government which advocates and represents the interests of the students of the University.

We provide support to international students of the university in various ways and also resposible for promotion of cultural activities at the university.

Providing help in form of doing orientation phases for all new international students where we train them according to diffeent aspects of living in Germany,
offering 1 to 1 consultation services regarding housing, finding jobs, understanding the German education system or even dealing with various legal authorities while
getting settled in Germany. Also operating a buddy program for settling them in the initial phase while entering Germany, organising breakfast for the German
course students so they may concentrate easily on long duration exam. Also providing the platforms to integrate into German culture through social events.

As our tag line says “We Bring All Together”, we are promoting the cultural activities through organising one of the bigest event of the university
” The Intercultural Week” where students from different cultures represent their cultures through stalls portraying their culture, tradition dances, music and food.
Also organising cultural evenings of specific cultures where food is prepared by natives of that culture. Food evenings and much more. In order to participate are
joyful events, stay tuned with our facebook page.

You can visit us in our office hours or write on our contact details in case you have any querries or need to contact us.

Me and my team would be glad to support you in every possible way.

Azharuddin Kazi
President – ASV
Head of International Affairs – AStA
E-mail : president@asv.upb.de


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