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About Us

About Us

ASV (Ausländische Studierenden-Vertretung in German) is the International Student Union that represents all International students of the University of Paderborn – regardless of whether they are regular or exchange students, language course participants, or even applicants.


ASV is an organisation where students help international students. Our diverse team consist of people from various cultural backgrounds with the united interest of helping international students to find their way at the University of Paderborn and Germany. 

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DSH Frühstück

DSH Frühstück Das war bestimmt ein stressiger Samstag für die Prüflinge, die an der B2-Prüfung in G-Gebäude teilgenommen haben. Von 9 bis 13 Uhr müssten die Prüflinge sich für eine …

Interkulturelle Woche 2016

ASV organizes this year again its biggest event: Interkulturelle Woche. If you want to present your culture to the whole student body of Uni Paderborn, then sign in with your …

Humans of Uni-Paderborn

There exists ingenuity and originality in each and every one of us. While some are quite overt in this regard, others, are like jewels buried under the sea bed. As …