You’re living in a new country and trying to understand a new education system? You have questions about how to get by and deal with all the different things you have to do? We are right here to give you whatever information you might need.

Office Hours

Each week we have office hours and you are always invited to come by and talk with us. Whatever the issue is, we will try our best to help. If we can’t help, we will at least try to connect you with the right people. Whatever the issue is: accommodation, residence permit, finding a job, or some issue relating to your study, come to our office, have some coffee or tea and let’s talk about it. Check our office hours.

WhatsApp Groups

We have multiple WhatsApp Groups where we post information about various events at the University. In these groups, you can also ask questions, ask other international students about available accommodation and get help with other issues. Fellow senior international students as well as ASV team members are willing and ready to answer your questions and offer assistance. To join any these groups, please visit us during our office hours or contact an active team member.