International Friends

Dear friends,

It’s Friday again! Time for International Friends - the platform where you get into contact with students from all over the world  
Thank you to these ones who have taken part the last times!
We meet from 5 pm till 8 pm in P9 2.11

During International Friends you will experience many interesting things from different cultures:
In the first hour which is called ‘Culture and Language’ you will easily learn another language like French and German. Additionally we will present you important facts about Münster. It's a very pretty and lively city 1,5 hours from Paderborn.

On Saturday, the 9th of May, ASV is doing a trip to this nice place. Not only that you easily make new friends, explore a typical city in Westphalia, ASV is also paying your lunch and a drink. So this Friday we give you a short overview about the 'must sees' in Münster.

Furthermore very special for the meeting in this week is that you get the unique chance to gain in insight in sign language.
If you want you can do a short presentation of your country in one of the next meetings. You only need to contact us.
In the following hour you will get into interaction with other people while having fun by playing traditional games from different countries.
In the last meetings it seemed that you had a lot of fun. We invite you to make the next meeting as special as the others already have been!

So join us and you will see what nice people are waiting to get to know you !

See you,
Your ASV- Team!

PS: The ASV-Team is caring for your physical enlightenment. That means that you don’t need to bring any food or drinks. We will have some snacks and drinks.





O-Phase für die Teilnehmer des DSH-Kurses

O-Phase SS2015

O-Phase SS2015 für die Teilnehmer des Englischen Masterprogrammes

Heute haben wir die Teilnehmer des Englischen Masterprogrammes herzlich begrüßt. Unser Präsident Kazi hat zuerst die ASV mit einer Präsentation vorgestellt. Danach ging es für die "Ersties" auf eine Erkundungstour durch die Universität. Anschließend genossen wir mit den neuen Studenten zusammen das Essen in der Mensa. Wir hoffen, dass unsere Mühen den Ersties ein bisschen geholfen haben, um die Uni kennen zu lernen.

Liebe Grüße
Eure ASV

Today we warmly greeted the participants of the English master program. Our president Kazi first introduced the ASV with a Presentation. Later the "freshmen" went on an exploration trip through the university. After that we enjoyed the lunch with the new students in the canteen. We hope that our efforts did help the freshmen a little so that they could get to know the university.

Best regards
Your ASV