How do I annotate a panel, a character, a speech balloon, etc.?

  • Choose one of three functions from the toolbar to the left: selection tool, polygon tool, and magic wand.
    • Selection tool is used for existing polygons (see 3. for a definition of a polygon)
    • Polygon tool is used for creating polygons by connecting vertices
    • Magic wand creates a polygon automatically. So far, this works with most panels, speech balloons, captions, and onomatopoeia, but not with visual objects such as characters, background figures, etc.
  • Double-click on the annotation tool you want to use (panel, speech balloon, caption, character, onomatopoeia)
  • Start clicking on the edge of the element you want to annotate. This creates a vertex – the next click creates another vertex and so on. The area surrounded by vertices is a polygon. The polygons comprise the annotation layer “over” your image. Each polygon should be congruent with its corresponding element.
  • You can finish the polygon either by double-clicking or by reselecting any of three cursors. If everything went OK, you’ll be able to see the polygon in the “Tree” tab in the bottom right window
  • Fill in relevant data about your annotation in the upper right window (e.g., character name, speech bubble content, relations to other characters in the panel, etc.)