Modulhandbuch (Module manual)

M.184.4120 Value-Based Marketing: Understanding and Communicating Customer Value in Business Markets
Koordinator (coordinator): Prof. Dr. Andreas Eggert
Ansprechpartner (contact): Rodi Akalan (rodi.akalan[at]
Credits: 10 ECTS
Workload: 300 Std (h)
Semesterturnus (semester cycle): WS
Studiensemester (study semester): 1-4
Dauer in Semestern (duration in semesters): 1
Lehrveranstaltungen (courses):
Nummer / Name
(number / title)
(contact time)
Status (P/WP)
(group size)
a) K.184.41201 / Customer Value Management Vorlesung 75 Std (h) 75 Std (h) P 50 TN (PART)
b) K.184.41202 / Customer Value Model Project Projekt 75 Std (h) 75 Std (h) P
Wahlmöglichkeiten innerhalb des Moduls (Options within the module):
Empfohlene Voraussetzungen (prerequisites):
Zur Zeit sind keine Voraussetzungen bekannt. (No conditions are known.)
Inhalte (short description):

​The course Value-Based Marketing focuses on the value concept in Business-to-Business markets. It examines the process of understanding, creating, and delivering superior value to targeted business markets and customers. The students learn to determine value with the help of the analytical tool called the value-in-use model. This model is applied in a real-world project work. Small groups of students work with a real company and apply the insights from the class in authentic settings. Hence, the class not only teaches effective tools for business market management, but also provides students with key soft skills such as teamwork, presentation, and public speaking skills.

Lernergebnisse (learning outcomes):
Fachkompetenz Wissen (professional expertise):


  • learn the key concepts, tools, and business practice of value-based marketing.
  • understand the core idea and importance of value in business-to-business markets.
  • learn to build value-in-use models to calculate and persuasively demonstrate value for different business market offerings.
  • learn to apply insights from a theoretical framework into a real-world setting to create and deliver value to business customers.

  • Fachkompetenz Fertigkeit (practical professional and academic skills):


  • follow a systematic process to create and interpret value-in-use assessments.
  • apply value-in-use assessment as a foundation to approach the strategic managerial challenges of segmenting, targeting, and positioning as well as pricing.
  • create innovative tools and solutions to provide superior value to business customers.

  • Personale Kompetenz / Sozial (individual competences / social skills):


  • collaborate in groups and improve teamworking skills.
  • improve oral and written English communication skills.
  • learn and improve professional presentation skills.
  • improve public speaking skills.
  • expand their professional network through the real-world project.

  • Personale Kompetenz / Selbstständigkeit (individual competences / ability to perform autonomously):


  • reflect and evaluate value-based marketing against other concepts, tools and business practices.
  • make informed decisions on the choice of appropriate marketing management approaches.
  • gain experience in consulting a real-world partner company.
  • learn to collect data through various methods such as interviews and focus groups.
  • learn to conduct research on industries and companies using professional databases. 

  • Prüfungsleistungen (examinations)
    Art der Modulprüfung (type of modul examination): Modulteilprüfungen
    Art der Prüfung
    (type of examination)
    a) Klausur 120 30.00 %
    b) Projektarbeit 40.00 %
    c) Klausur 30 30.00 %
    Studienleistung / qualifizierte Teilnahme (module participation requirements)
    Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme an Prüfungen (formal requirements for participating in examinations)
    Voraussetzungen für die Vergabe von Credits (formal requirements for granting credit points)
    Die Vergabe der Credits erfolgt, wenn die Modulnote mindestens „ausreichend“ ist
    Gewichtung für Gesamtnote (calculation of overall grade)
    Das Modul wird mit der Anzahl seiner Credits gewichtet (Faktor: 1)
    Verwendung des Moduls in den Studiengängen (The module can be selected in the following degree programmes)
    M.Sc. International Business Studies, M.Sc. Betriebswirtschaftslehre, M.Sc. International Economics and Management, M.Sc. Management Information Systems, M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik, M.Sc. Wirtschaftspädagogik, M.Ed. Wirtschaftspädagogik
    Umfang QT (participation requirements):

    Lernmaterialien, Literaturangaben (learning material, literature):
    Course Book: Anderson, J.C., Narus, J.A. and Narayandas, D. (2009), Business market management: Understanding, creating, and delivering value, 3. ed., internat. ed., Pearson/Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ

    Case Studies to be announced and provided in class.
    Sonstige Hinweise (additional information):

    Please note that participation of the first session is mandatory.

    The number of participants for this course in winter term 2019/2020 is restricted to 50 students.

    Teaching language: English

    Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Anwesenheit an der Auftaktveranstaltung verpflichtend ist. Die Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch. Die Anzahl der Teilnehmer ist im Winter Semester 2019/2020 auf 40-60 Studierende beschränkt. Bitte überprüfen Sie die Teilnehmerlisten.

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