Modulhandbuch (Module manual)

M.184.2114 Global Business Essentials
(Negotiation: Theory and Techniques in a Global Economy)
Koordinator (coordinator): Prof. Dr. Lena Steinhoff
Ansprechpartner (contact): Andrea Hampel (andrea.hampel[at]
Credits: 5 ECTS
Workload: 150 Std (h)
Semesterturnus (semester cycle): SoSe
Studiensemester (study semester): 3-6
Dauer in Semestern (duration in semesters): 1
Lehrveranstaltungen (courses):
Nummer / Name
(number / title)
(contact time)
Status (P/WP)
(group size)
a) K.184.21141 / Global Business Essentials Block 60 Std (h) 90 Std (h) P 30 TN (PART)
Wahlmöglichkeiten innerhalb des Moduls (Options within the module):
Empfohlene Voraussetzungen (prerequisites):
Zur Zeit sind keine Voraussetzungen bekannt. (No conditions are known.)
Inhalte (short description):
This module familiarizes students with the theoretical background and practical application of key instruments required to succeed in global business, such as negotiation and presentation. Almost all business revenue generated flows through effective negotiations and presentations, yet these activities are often poorly understood and even more poorly practiced. The module introduces students to the theoretical concepts underlying strong negotiations and presentations. Beyond, students will be provided with a set of practical tools to use when they next find themselves in the role of a negotiator or presenter. Throughout the course, they will practically apply the concepts and tools and thus train their negotiation and presentation skills. All contents will be discussed in the context of global business, appreciating the role of culture and enhancing cultural awareness when interacting with business partners across the globe.​

Lernergebnisse (learning outcomes):
Fachkompetenz Wissen (professional expertise):

Students …

  • understand the underlying process of negotiation and presentation
  • gain the knowledge and techniques necessary to create impact in negotiating processes and presentation settings
  • Fachkompetenz Fertigkeit (practical professional and academic skills):

    Students …

  • build practical negotiation and presentation skills necessary to function in a global business environment
  • develop an understanding for purposefully selecting context-specific negotiation and presentation strategies

  • Personale Kompetenz / Sozial (individual competences / social skills):

    ​Students …

  • improve their written and oral communication skills in English
  • develop negotiation, presentation, and team working skills
  • Personale Kompetenz / Selbstständigkeit (individual competences / ability to perform autonomously):

    Students …

  • gather knowledge on how to effectively negotiate and apply that knowledge to different situations
  • gather knowledge on how to effectively present and apply that knowledge to different situations

  • Prüfungsleistungen (examinations)
    Art der Modulprüfung (type of modul examination): Modulteilprüfungen
    Art der Prüfung
    (type of examination)
    a) Besondere Form der Leistungserbringung. Details siehe Prüfungsumfang 1 In-class negotiation cases and written reports 40.00 %
    b) Gruppenarbeit 2-page managerial guide and 30-minute in-class presentation 40.00 %
    c) Besondere Form der Leistungserbringung. Details siehe Prüfungsumfang 3 Short online quizzes and written assignments 20.00 %
    Studienleistung / qualifizierte Teilnahme (module participation requirements)
    Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme an Prüfungen (formal requirements for participating in examinations)
    Voraussetzungen für die Vergabe von Credits (formal requirements for granting credit points)
    Die Vergabe der Credits erfolgt, wenn die Modulnote mindestens „ausreichend“ ist
    Gewichtung für Gesamtnote (calculation of overall grade)
    Das Modul wird mit der doppelten Anzahl seiner Credits gewichtet (Faktor: 2)
    Verwendung des Moduls in den Studiengängen (The module can be selected in the following degree programmes)
    B.Sc. International Business Studies, B.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik, B.Sc. Wirtschaftswissenschaften
    B.Sc. Wirtschaftswissenschaften
    B.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik
    B.Sc. International Business Studies
    Umfang QT (participation requirements):
    Lernmaterialien, Literaturangaben (learning material, literature):
    Teaching and reading materials will be provided at the beginning of the course.
    Teilnehmerbegrenzung (participant limit):
    20 Personen
    Sonstige Hinweise (additional information):

    The module is taught by our guest professor Prof. James A. Eckert, Ph.D. from Western Michigan University. The language of instruction is English.

    The module will take place as a block course in May 2024. Please note that attendance of the block course sessions is mandatory.

    The module is limited to 20 participants. Please register for the module in PAUL. Subsequently, please fill out the following form to apply for a place in the module: (mandatory). On this basis, the chair of Business Administration, esp. Marketing and Digital Transformation will select the participants. After the registration period, selected participants will be informed via e-mail.

    Please note that attendance to the introductory session is mandatory for all students who want to maintain their place on the course. Students who do not attend the introductory session will lose their place and be deregistered from the module. In case you have been selected to participate, cannot attend the introductory session due to a justified cause and still want to participate in the course, please inform us in advance via e-mail ( Otherwise your place will be given to another student.

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