Modulhandbuch (Module manual)

M.184.2176 Finding and Developing your Research Project
(Finding and Developing your Research Project)
Koordinator (coordinator): Prof. Dr. Wendelin Schnedler
Ansprechpartner (contact): Eva Charlotte Klein ()
Credits: 5 ECTS
Workload: 150 Std (h)
Semesterturnus (semester cycle): SoSe/WS
Studiensemester (study semester): 3-6
Dauer in Semestern (duration in semesters): 1
Lehrveranstaltungen (courses):
Nummer / Name
(number / title)
(contact time)
Status (P/WP)
(group size)
a) K.184.21761 / Finding and Developing you Research project (B.A.) Seminar 43 Std (h) 107 Std (h) P 10 TN (PART)
Wahlmöglichkeiten innerhalb des Moduls (Options within the module):
Empfohlene Voraussetzungen (prerequisites):

​This course is taught in German in summer term and in English in winter term. 

When selecting participants, preference is given to people who are writing their final thesis with us in the same semester.

Inhalte (short description):

Often students do a literature survey in their final thesis. These students miss the unique opportunity to conduct their own research. On the other hand, finding and developing one's own research project is difficult. What does research in economics mean? What is a good research project? This course tries to answer these questions, helps you to decide on one idea, and then to develop it. At the end, you should have a clear idea of a topic for your Master or Bachelor thesis. 

The course involves a week of teaching just before the term starts (see below).

Lernergebnisse (learning outcomes):
Fachkompetenz Wissen (professional expertise):
  • can distinguish three different quantitative research methods.
  • Fachkompetenz Fertigkeit (practical professional and academic skills):

  • can find their own research topics.
  • describe the statement that is the object of their research.
  • motivate the choice of research method.
  • improve weaknesses of research ideas through interactive teamwork.
  • formulate a project description that may serve as the starting point for a thesis.
  • Personale Kompetenz / Sozial (individual competences / social skills):
  • cooperate and improve team-working skills developed through group-homework and -projects
  • extent presentation skills through presenting own results
  • Personale Kompetenz / Selbstständigkeit (individual competences / ability to perform autonomously):
  • match a research topic with the suitable quantitative research method.
  • identify weaknesses and strengths of research ideas and project descriptions.
  • identify the contribution of research to the field of literature.
  • Prüfungsleistungen (examinations)
    Art der Modulprüfung (type of modul examination): Modulprüfung
    Art der Prüfung
    (type of examination)
    a) Hausarbeit ca. 10 Seiten 100.00 %
    Studienleistung / qualifizierte Teilnahme (module participation requirements)
    Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme an Prüfungen (formal requirements for participating in examinations)
    Voraussetzungen für die Vergabe von Credits (formal requirements for granting credit points)
    Die Vergabe der Credits erfolgt, wenn die Modulnote mindestens „ausreichend“ ist
    Gewichtung für Gesamtnote (calculation of overall grade)
    Das Modul wird mit der doppelten Anzahl seiner Credits gewichtet (Faktor: 2)
    Verwendung des Moduls in den Studiengängen (The module can be selected in the following degree programmes)
    B.Sc. Wirtschaftswissenschaften
    B.Sc. International Business Studies
    B.Sc. Wirtschaftsnformatik
    B.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik
    B.Ed. Lehramt an Berufskollegs
    B.Sc. International Business Studies, B.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik, B.Sc. Wirtschaftswissenschaften
    Umfang QT (participation requirements):
    Lernmaterialien, Literaturangaben (learning material, literature):
    Teilnehmerbegrenzung (participant limit):
    10 Personen
    Sonstige Hinweise (additional information):
    If you are interested in participating in the course "Finding and Developing Your Research Project", please apply via sending a mail to

    Notice that this course begins in form of an intensive block week (winter: 25.09-29.09.2023 / summer: 27.03.2023-31.03.2023 ) before the term starts and contains some meetings throughout the semester. Registered students, who miss the first day without being officially excused, will be unregistered from the course!

    This term the course is offered as an in-person course.

    For questions, please contact Eva Klein.

    Link to our homepage:
    Participants who are missing out the first session without excuse lose their admission to the course and are signed out.

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