Modulhandbuch (Module manual)

M.184.4126 Global Strategy
(Global Strategy)
Koordinator (coordinator): Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kabst
Ansprechpartner (contact): Patrick Mehnert (patrick.mehnert[at]
Credits: 10 ECTS
Workload: 300 Std (h)
Semesterturnus (semester cycle): WS
Studiensemester (study semester): 1-4
Dauer in Semestern (duration in semesters): 1
Lehrveranstaltungen (courses):
Nummer / Name
(number / title)
(contact time)
Status (P/WP)
(group size)
a) K.184.41261 / Global Strategy Block P 24 TN (PART)
Wahlmöglichkeiten innerhalb des Moduls (Options within the module):
Empfohlene Voraussetzungen (prerequisites):
Zur Zeit sind keine Voraussetzungen bekannt. (No conditions are known.)
Inhalte (short description):

The admissions-restricted module "Global Strategy" is offered as a case study seminar in English and will be held by Chengguang Li ( Several cases published by Harvard Business School and Ivey Business School will be discussed and different solutions will be developed. The module will employ the case study method typically used in MBA programs at leading business schools.


This module covers six aspects from the field of Global Strategy:

-             Forms of market entry

-             Implications of country differences

-             Global strategy models

-             Global organizational structures

-             International restructuring measures

-             Ethics of multinational companies​

Lernergebnisse (learning outcomes):
Fachkompetenz Wissen (professional expertise):


-             learn how to apply business and management frameworks to real cases.

-             understand how to formulate and articulate their ideas.

-             gain insights into the case study approach.

Fachkompetenz Fertigkeit (practical professional and academic skills):


-             collect, evaluate, and interpret scientific findings.

-             formulate, defend, and critically evaluate subject-related positions and problem solutions.

Personale Kompetenz / Sozial (individual competences / social skills):
Personale Kompetenz / Selbstständigkeit (individual competences / ability to perform autonomously):
Prüfungsleistungen (examinations)
Art der Modulprüfung (type of modul examination): Modulabschlussprüfung
Art der Prüfung
(type of examination)
a) Klausur 180 Minuten 100.00 %
Studienleistung / qualifizierte Teilnahme (module participation requirements)
Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme an Prüfungen (formal requirements for participating in examinations)
Contributions to the seminar
Voraussetzungen für die Vergabe von Credits (formal requirements for granting credit points)
Die Vergabe der Credits erfolgt, wenn die Modulnote mindestens „ausreichend“ ist
Gewichtung für Gesamtnote (calculation of overall grade)
Das Modul wird mit der Anzahl seiner Credits gewichtet (Faktor: 1)
Verwendung des Moduls in den Studiengängen (The module can be selected in the following degree programmes)
M.Sc. International Business Studies, M.Sc. Betriebswirtschaftslehre, M.Sc. International Economics and Management, M.Sc. Management Information Systems, M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik, M.Sc. Wirtschaftspädagogik, M.Ed. Wirtschaftspädagogik
M.Sc. Betriebswirtschaftslehre
M.Sc. International Business Studies
M.Sc. International Economics and Management
M.Sc. Management Information Systems
M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik
M.Sc. Wirtschaftspädagogik
M.Ed. Wirtschaftspädagogik
M.Sc. Taxation, Accounting and Finance
Umfang QT (participation requirements):
Lernmaterialien, Literaturangaben (learning material, literature):
Transnational Management (8th ed.), by C. Bartlett and P. Beamish.
Sonstige Hinweise (additional information):

Due to the intensive supervision of the module, this seminar is limited in the number of participants. To register for this module, registration via PAUL and additionally an application to Chengguang Li ( is mandatory. The application should consist of a curriculum vitae, bachelor's degree certificate and a grade certificate (screenshot is sufficient​). Deadline to register: only in the first registration phase until 03.09.2021 - 23.59 o'clock.​

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