Modulhandbuch (Module manual)

M.184.5480 Seminar Microeconometrics
(Seminar Microeconometrics)
Koordinator (coordinator): Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schmitz
Ansprechpartner (contact): Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schmitz (hendrik.schmitz[at]
Credits: 5 ECTS
Workload: 150 Std (h)
Semesterturnus (semester cycle): SoSe/WS
Studiensemester (study semester): 1-4
Dauer in Semestern (duration in semesters): 1
Lehrveranstaltungen (courses):
Nummer / Name
(number / title)
(contact time)
Status (P/WP)
(group size)
a) K.184.54801 / Seminar Microeconometrics Seminar 40 Std (h) 110 Std (h) P 20 TN (PART)
Wahlmöglichkeiten innerhalb des Moduls (Options within the module):
Empfohlene Voraussetzungen (prerequisites):

Basic knowledge on Econometrics, at the level of W4479 Econometrics.

Knowledge on Microeconometrics as taught in W5489 Microeconometrics would be very helpful but is not required. Knowledge of Stata is not required. 

Inhalte (short description):

This project seminar deals with microeconometric analyses of topics in health economics and social policy. The baseline literature consists of papers that use data from the Survey of Health and Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE). Each student picks a paper and replicates its results using the statistical software Stata. A major part of the project will be work on data preparation. Every participant is expected to work with Stata on their own. Knowledge of Stata is not a prerequisite as there will be a detailed introduction to it.

The participants work in the Software-Pool on their projects once a week. At the end of the semester the results will be presented and discussed. A brief assignment in which the results are summarized completes the seminar. The assignments can be written in German or English. By working on their own empirical projects the participants qualify for an empirical master thesis. Further developments of seminar topics for a master thesis are welcome.

Lernergebnisse (learning outcomes):
Fachkompetenz Wissen (professional expertise):
  • ​independently search for literature.
  • Fachkompetenz Fertigkeit (practical professional and academic skills):

  • know how to solve empirical problems using the statistical software Stata.
  • can work on economic problems independently and are able to write an academic summary in a limited time frame.

  • Personale Kompetenz / Sozial (individual competences / social skills):
  • ​discuss their results and present different solutions.
  • Personale Kompetenz / Selbstständigkeit (individual competences / ability to perform autonomously):

  • improve their time management through the design of the learning process in this module.
  • improve their presentation skills by means of presenting the results of the project.
  • can tackle and evaluate scientific literature critically. 

  • Prüfungsleistungen (examinations)
    Art der Modulprüfung (type of modul examination): Modulprüfung
    Art der Prüfung
    (type of examination)
    a) Hausarbeit mit Präsentation 15 S./30 Min. 100.00 %
    Studienleistung / qualifizierte Teilnahme (module participation requirements)
    Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme an Prüfungen (formal requirements for participating in examinations)
    Voraussetzungen für die Vergabe von Credits (formal requirements for granting credit points)
    Die Vergabe der Credits erfolgt, wenn die Modulnote mindestens „ausreichend“ ist
    Gewichtung für Gesamtnote (calculation of overall grade)
    Das Modul wird mit der Anzahl seiner Credits gewichtet (Faktor: 1)
    Verwendung des Moduls in den Studiengängen (The module can be selected in the following degree programmes)
    M.Sc. IBS, M.Sc. BWL, M.Sc. International Economics and Management, M.Sc. Management, M.Sc. Management Information Systems, M.Sc. Taxation, Accountingand Finance, M.Sc. Winfo, M.Sc. Wirtschaftspädagogik, M.Ed. Wirtschaftspädagogik
    Umfang QT (participation requirements):
    Lernmaterialien, Literaturangaben (learning material, literature):
    Teilnehmerbegrenzung (participant limit):
    20 Personen
    Sonstige Hinweise (additional information):

    This module perfectly fits together with W5489 Microeconometrics.This module is not suitable for students who do not possess basic knowledge of econometrics.
    Please consult our website during the semester break. The lists of topics will be made available there in advance.  Please register about Paul. Pay attention to the lists provided by the faculty online. 

    teaching language: English

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