Modulhandbuch (Module manual)

M.184.3124 Business Practices in China
(Business Practices in China)
Unterrichtssprache (teaching language): English and German
Koordinator (coordinator): Prof. Dr. Kabst, Rüdiger
Lehr- und Forschungseinheit (teaching unit): K.184.31241 Business Practices in China, Introductory Course
K.184.31242 Business Practices in China, Excursion
Auskünfte (information): Li, Chengguang (
Credits/ ECTS: 5
Zeitmodus (semester): Sommersemester (summer semester)
Kurzbeschreibung (short description):
China has attained an important position in the business world over the past decades and first-hand knowledge of the Chinese business and cultural environment has become a crucial asset for business leaders to help advance their global careers in multinational companies, consulting firms, and start-ups alike. This course is designed to provide an academically grounded first-hand account of the characteristics, opportunities, and challenges firms and managers encounter in China. Specifically, theoretical international business frameworks in the areas of international strategy, innovation, human resource management, and marketing will be applied and explored through an excursion to firms, universities, and other organizations in China.

The course will be organized by the Chair of International Business, Prof. Rüdiger Kabst. It will consist of two block seminars: A half-day introductory course will take place in April in Paderborn and will provide an overview of the Chinese business environment. The second seminar in the form of an excursion will take place from June 7 to June 17 in Shanghai and Wuhan, China, and will consist of events and lectures at the following organizations:
- Chinese and German multinational firms in China
- German Chamber of Foreign Trade (AHK)
- German and international consulting firms
- German Centre Shanghai
- Universities in Shanghai and Wuhan
- Visits of cultural sights

To pass the course, students need to submit an essay. The language of the course is German and English; proficiency in both languages is required. Please apply to the Chair of International Business with a brief motivational statement (2-3 sentences), your curriculum vitae, and your current list of grades, sent to, by March 9. Please also ensure that you have some time between March 12 and 16 for a short 10-15 minute (phone) interview, if necessary.

Please note:

The 10-day excursion will cost around 850 Euros. This includes a return flight (with KLM), hotel accommodation with breakfast (shared double room in 4-star hotels), train ride (economy class), and visa application. Participants will receive 100 Euros in funding to subsidize this excursion, but need to bear the remaining expenses (around 750 Euros) themselves.

The course will not take place, if fewer than ten students participate in the excursion. Participants that do not take part in the excursion need to organize trips to and equivalent events at local firms and higher education institutions with Chinese backgrounds themselves.

Students will receive an official certification from the Chair of International Business for their participation in the excursion.
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Essay: 100 percent
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(transfer competence):
Normativbewertendes Wissen
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Unterrichtssprache (teaching language):
English and German
Ablaufinformationen, Terminplan, etc. (practical implementation, schedule):
Half-day introductory course in April.
Excursion: June 7 - June 17 to Shanghai and Wuhan.
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