Apart from events associated with some of our main projects and initiatives, there are lots of other events that we organize throughout the semester. These events are usually for students to socialize with each other, learn about other cultures or just have a good time.

Upcoming Events..

Inter-Cultural Week  – Different cultures representation. 25th-27th, October 2022 @10:00-16:00 Location: Bibofoyer

You are everywhere except right here and it hurts!!!

You missed..

Pub Crawl  – Party Hard!!. Saturday 8th, October 2022 @20:00 Location: Rathaus

International Friends  – International Friends. Friday 7th, October 2022 @16:30 Location: L1. 202

DSH Uni tour  – UNI tour. Thursday 6th, October 2022 @12:00 Location: In front of C building

City tour  – International student city tour. Wednesday 5th, October 2022 @14:00 Location: @P9

O-Phase WS22/23  – Introductory Seminar and the Uni-Tour. Tuesday 4th, October 2022 @13:30 Location: O1 hörsall

DSH Frühstuck  – DSH breakfast. 13th, September 2022

DSH pub crawl – Party Hard!! 6th August 2022

DSH International Friends – International Friends 4th August 2022

DSH orientation – Orientation Presentation 4th August 2022

Game Night – Play games 8th July 2022

Bike tour – Lippesee bicycle tour 25th June 2022

Treasure hunt – Treasure hunt 24th June 2022

HNI Trip  – Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum trip. Friday 18th, June 2022

Chess tournament  – Asv Chess tournament. 10th, June 2022

Game night  – Game Night. 27th, May 2022

Bielefeld City tour  – City tour. 21th, May 2022

Planning for microhack  – Micro hack event. 21th, May 2022

Planning for microhack  – Micro hack event. 21th, May 2022

DSH International Friends – International Friends 29th April 2022

City tour – City tour 23th April 2022

DSH orientation – Presentation 19th April 2022

Pub crawl  – Party Hard!! 2nd April 2022

International Friends – International Friends 1st April 2022

O-Phase SS22  – Presentation 28th March 2022


And so much more… there’s no limit to the creativity and diversity of the events that we organize.

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