Before you arrive in Germany, when you arrive and throughout your time as a student, we are here to help. We have various projects to help new students integrate and get settled at the university.


At the beginning of each semester, during Orientation Week (O-Phase), we welcome international freshmen and make sure they get to know about their university, life in Germany and city of Paderborn. O-Phase usually lasts for 8 days and includes various workshops and events. We usually organise campus tours and a tour of Paderborn city centre. During Orientation Week, we also assist the new students with whatever challenges they may have relating to legalities, accommodation and other matters. Of course there is some fun included! Usually, we wrap up the week with the very first International Friends meet-up so that we can get to know the new students and they can also get to meet other new students. The final event is usually a Pub Crawl in the city centre – from one pub to another and finally a party at one of the clubs.

Buddy Program

You are flying to a foreign land away from family and friends and you have so many questions and even fears? Don’t worry! We have capable ASV team members who are willing to be your buddy. The Buddy Program is created to offer one-to-one help and assistance and provides a point of contact who can guide and help with all queries. They are on hand to help new students find their way around the campus and to help them with formalities to be done after arriving in Germany. You can mail us at : to get yourself a buddy in the college to help you out.

DSH Breakfast

Every couple of months, some students have to do their Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) exam. International students who wish to study a program in German, have to do the DSH Course and successfully pass the exam in order to start studying. We ensure they have one less thing to worry about so that they can focus on their exam. We do this by organising a delicious breakfast so that they can have a snack before, during and even after their exam.

Block Matriculation

This project significantly simplifies the orientation for international masters students at the university. Before, it was a complicated and somewhat frustrating process for international students to pay their semester fees, get health insurance, matriculate to the university and obtain their temporary semester tickets. In Winter Semester 2018/2019, it was a different experience for the new Students. With the help of Die Techniker (TK) , AStA Universität Paderborn and the International Office Uni Paderborn, international students were able to get everything done in one room! New students could walk in with their documents, and walk out with their fees paid, health insurance approved, matriculation letter and a temporary semester ticket!

Humans of Uni Paderborn

ASV introduced a project called “Humans of Uni Paderborn” where we highlight various students and workers of the university on a Facebook page. We post the interviews with these persons as well as their pictures. Our aim is to highlight the motivation and success stories of people on the campus in an effort to motivate others. Moreover, we want to show the cultural diversity at the university.