Seminar im Sommer 2011 Prof. Dr. Jutta Ströter-Bender
Tutorinnen: Katrin Thiessen, Sabrina Zimmermann
Grafik: Eva-Christin Koch

unter der Schirmherrschaft der Deutschen UNESCO Kommission

Daily Painting - World Heritage in Germany

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Unesco-Welterbe Siedlungen der Berliner MODERNE. Ein netter Herr schenkt einer elegnten Dame eine wunderschne Blume aus einem Vorgarten der Siedlungen der Berliner Moderne.

Kellerwald - Pilzkolonie

Kellerwald - Pilzkolonie

Vorheriges Bild: Dom zu Speyer_Hinter dem Blumenstrauch Nchstes Bild: Kln - Der Prinz

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Beschreibung: Buntstifte und Tusche auf Papier
17 cm x 13 cm
Schlsselwörter: Kellerwald, Pilze, ste
Datum: 22.06.2011 10:01
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Hersteller: FUJIFILM
Modell: FinePix S2500HD
Belichtungszeit: 1/28 sec(s)
Blende: F/4.4
ISO-Zahl: 800
Aufnahmedatum: 21.06.2011 12:03:38
Brennweite: 14.6mm

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...gefllt mir sehr sehr gut das Bild!!
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FARMINGTON, Maine The fifth annual Amazing Corn MAiZE at Sandy River Farms features a design commemorating the University of Maine at Farmington 150th loved-one's birthday this year.

an MAiZE, At 755 Farmington Falls Road about [url=]cheap jordans free shipping[/url] two miles outside of it Farmington on Route 2 east, Opens weekend, september. 28, And keeps going weekends through Oct. 27. Columbus Day is a big day too, Farm possessor Herbert York said. all-around 5,000 people go to maze each year, He built.

york, individuals local families, Has a hitting the ground with the university. It prompted the family to take an idea to the college and work with Kelly Dodge, vice chairman of university advancement, On the planning for this year maize.

An awesome gift to UMF and the community and an alternate way to celebrate UMF 150th anniversary, UMF [url=]cheap jordans sale[/url] ceo Kathryn Foster said Tuesday.

She [url=]cheap real jordans for sale[/url] plans to take best freinds and family there when they visit this fall, She discussed.

university students have more interest in agriculture, Local foods and natural tools, york said. It seemed suitable to honor the school anniversary, He supplied.

York sister, Lila, Graduated from the previous Farmington Normal School around 1914, he was quoted saying. His biological father, Linwood, Delivered milk and cream to the college in the 1930s.

From his Hillside jacket Farm on Titcomb Hill, Linwood York made a. m. deliveries for 14 years to the school. That was in the days when a milkman appeared with glass bottles after keeping the milk cool on ice. Ice was cut and residing in the farm icehouse, Bussie york said.

york, A graduate of the collage of Maine at Orono, Appreciates the impact the university has on local garden life.

He contracts with a maze company from Utah to create the annual corn maze. The company fly a crew here in June and put the design on the floor, he said.

The cornfield is grown in a crisscross fashion. York first plants north to south and then turns around the same day and plants east to west. It similar to a checkerboard with 30 inch paths. It [url=]cheap real jordans[/url] helps business design a 20 foot grid system.

to June, The corn is nearly knee high providing good visibility that allows the corporate to put down red paint and then use machines to cut the pathways of the design.

Sandy River Corn MAiZE hopes to challenge the wits of those seeking to locate the one exit from their mind boggling puzzle. Though the correct pathway can be walked in only 15 minutes, Most wandering maze goers will be needing about one hour to travel more than three miles of twists, Turns and result points, in order to a release.

that not all the fun, York pronounced. several a pumpkin patch, Hayride and cow train for [url=]cheap jordans online[/url] young children. obtainable animals to feed.

New specific year, A 4 H member provides his oxen and give cart rides. He also verbalize how he trains the animals.

For older children and adults, A log jiggle, harking back to log drives on the river, is out there, he said.

A 10 foot log about 2 feet high will roll in place allowing website visitors to see how long they can balance and stay on, he was quoted saying.

There also a food trailer with light lunches available.

A UMF senior class has reserved the maze for a midnight walk and the United Way is bringing 100 plus people for a day experience. York in concert with groups on reduced rates.

Former Jonesport Beals baseball coach Ordman Alley denies abuse allegations'Toughest event on the planet': Tough Mudder obstacle course draws just above 13,000 to WestbrookTempers flare as Clark wins duel with Shaw to win Hight Chevrolet 150Street Stock Racers Exemplify What Racing is AboutBryant blanks UMaine women's soccer team


Milo: A little town with big dreamsFIGHTING THE TIDES4 aspects of childhood that have changed foreverSTATE CAPITOL.
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The two key things you want in any commercial automatic forex trading systems are:

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Ski specific core and lower body exercises like plyometrics are useful when you are building stability from legs up to the core.While plyometrics build vitality, Weight training is also a great way to set yourself up for success. "possibly the biggest injuries, in early season especially, Are knee traumas, famous Musnicki. "A lot of that is proportional to your quads and hamstrings which hold your knees together just not being quite as strong as they could be yet, Dynamic movements such as squat thrusts and jumping lunges can prevent an early season injury from ruining the growing season.Musnicki added that back country skiers tend to pull muscles in the hip flexor region while breaking trail skinning.

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We'd rather really get the venue where we really wish for it, And then grow SoundTown techniques. I was realistic about what this is and the turnout. After all the benefits, I knew I would be anxious if we didn't make a change this year. For gifts, Ten Thousand [url=]cheap uggs[/url] Villages at Victoria Crossing blends international finds with purchasing a cause. The fair trade retailer is the place to go for craftsmanship at its best, integrating pottery from Chile and Peru, Silk from Laos and woven storage containers from Egypt. among the standouts are fruit bowls from Indiar, Hand dyed children's clothes from Ghana and well crafted jewelry from south usa.

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The fake designer fashion smugglers targeting Scots markets
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This is the reason why the HWUcompensation plan is typically known as the double acceleration matrix.As far as income design goes, A new Home Wealth University associate can earn in 4 specific areas. The first bonus is a Fast Start bonuses that pays $25 per newly enrolled associate. Thesecond bonus is in the 3x6 matrix bonuses which pays 3% on both opportunities through 6 levels.

We learned a new about the Chicago architects who designed high rises recognized the names John Root and Daniel Bernham, anticipations of your partner Ludwig Mies van der Rho. The docent was superb and did a great job of pointing out signature features of each of the system styles, Including the most popular art deco as well as beaux arts, Gothic revival, Neoclassical, current day, advanced and my least favorite post modern. Humidity must have been around 80 percent and it kept threatening to rain but never delivered.

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they have a tendency to hop in cabs, Rather than have limos wait around for them. one more Four is less of a high buck crowd, said Martin Goff, Senior vice chairman of UNITE HERE Local 17, The union that represent hospitality workers in the Twin Cities. The addition of the busy season.

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The analysis of the Arrawarra I fishbone assemblage alone cannot prove the structure's origin and use as an Aboriginal fishtrap.

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I am doing it these days, As the artificial light just in front of me is reflecting by the walls around my tiny workspace and the sound of my typing on the keyboard also reverberates off them. With my peripheral vision I monitor the light from the not so close window to my left. And we do the same when we walk out on the street or through a square (By subconsciously selecting to walk closer to the [url=]cheap uggs outlet[/url] buildings rather than in the open space).

in spite of this, you ought to have the knowledge about the best online sources, Where you can get the quality products at the cost-effective costs. The days have come to grab the best advantages of the online market. produced by an item fr. When deciding on a person boots and shoes, Please don cap you to ultimately usual heels, also. May well the kind on a clothes, You can seek hiking sandals, condominiums, Dancer men slippers or only stilettos. Footwear and extra adornments should complement your similar accessories, And may be employed to mix and match patterns, Styles and UGG boots colors throughout the ensemble.

Estonian Air carried in November on its regular routes to 16 resorts 40 890 passengers, Plus 456 tourists on charter flights. The count on regular routes for the 11 months of 2004 is 468 028 and on charter flights 37 128. when compared to the year 2003, The passenger number has grown by greater than a third,

De schoendurante gehouden tegen de elementdurante durante mijn voetdurante voelde geweldig. De schoen is zo ingewikkeld geweven dat hoewel zijn bijna zo flexibel als een sok de hamper weave zoals strengen ademend zijn nog winddicht. Hierdoor is de gegenereerde [url=]ugg outlet online[/url] securete van je voeten terwijl het runnen van zodat ze warmer en knus.

I still mad regarding the pitocin. I do not understand whythey did not want to allow me to continue to labor naturally. Raffi heartbeat was steady all along and he wasn under any distress. Marriage is vital to me, And we [url=]ugg outlet online[/url] didn even move into our first apartment together until we were married. When LO asks about a baby, I emphasize that they come AFTER marriage as we want this value instilled in her. I strongly believe in the stability and benefits of marriage for the whole family, And do think that having five different baby daddies for your seven children is damaging to their well being.

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It's not like somebody's fault or some conspiracy. People just fall into knowing they should make money, and they do forget about a bunch of other stuff.".

JP: Where to start Well, there was the time I almost landed on Dave, who was trying to ski underneath me with the camera (then I manage to go straight into a tree). Then there was the time Trail residents brought us smokies and Doritos, telling us to take a break. It really gave us a bit more energy for the rest of the day. At one point, Dave was trying to drive and film, hitting the horn to let me know when to drop in. It got kind of messy every now and then. I guess all the little things are good anecdotes for me. The same coffee joint every day, the melting snow revealing dog pooh everywhere I skied! The look I got from the ski tuning shops staff every night!

If they are made in invisible sweat shops somewhere in Asia then perhaps you need to reconsider the purchase.

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But I had to ask myself whether it is possible to wear sensible shoes when you are no longer young. It is perfectly all right to wear ugly, clumpy clothes when you are 16, but if you wear them when you are 50 it might look as if you never understood style in the first place, or have given up, surrendering to the idea that you can wear a red hat with a purple dress, on the spurious grounds that you are old and what does it matter because no one wants to look at you anyway..

Timmy (This Gran) Tierney termed. Sullivan TMs on Bayside without having to Rosedale. Editor TMs notice: That Rosedale Six, who currently amount Tough luck, can be worried considering the Gran with regard to execute unbecoming a good MQFC power structure user. Yeah, realize Plunkett succeeds found at Sullivan TMs regarding Saturday days in addition to George is able to keep a hidden secret, Really told Any Gran.

The former personal assistant told the court that Lawson would have a runny nose for long periods of time, even in summer, and that she would have mood changes, going from very nice to "absent and grumpy."

Because they are so touched by the subtleties of everyone's emotions, they can understand a great deal from a word, a gesture or even an unspoken thought.

With more and more bridal earrings designers and bridal necklaces boutiques and companies, it is what finishes off your marriage charms look. Many brides are still keeps the traditional pearl marriage bracelets theme. Brides are incisive for something new and mane.

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here we are at Main MenuBusiness HomeBusiness MondayEDCReader Ravesin to Main MenuVideos HomeCBS 3 SpringfieldMark M.SPRINGFIELD inside event you don know Manolo Blahnik from Buster Brown, Ellen ver. Simes website most likely for you.also, If people think owning a pair of mules would require a pasture, If the Shoe [url=]cheap louboutin shoes[/url] Doesn Fit isn't the best fit for you.but, however, if, really like Simes, Your soul yearns for bottoms, Her Springfield based website where shoes or boots fans can buy, Sell and swap is the coolest thing since Michael Kors, Blahnik, Salvatore Ferragamo or some other high end shoe designers whose creations come her way.The year old site features from 3,500 of 4,000 shoes for sale before starting and garners 800 or so unique visitors each day. Most sellers pay a $1 flat fee for each listing perhaps the auction the shoes, Sell for a flat price or chose to swap those pumps for that has got to have pair of ballet flats. Some sellers chose to pay Simes a portion of the auction price.Simes job, Besides owning your website, Is to talk it up on social networks like twitter and facebook, Blog about it and ensure fashion and shoe bloggers are talking it up as well.Am a shoe abuser, She admits. She claimed, Make the entire outfit. I could wear what I wearing today with a pair of flip flops and be casual. But with a pair of high heels I dressed up. I would walk in a different I would carry myself distinct and I would act distinct.frequently for Simes, She sports a 6 1/2 double wide.Can be a challenging size for a lady to fit, She told me.So she ended up on a years long quest to find attractive shoes may well fit her.Have shoes that are their two hour shoes. That what remedy they wear out to dinner just to sit there and look fabulous. only, They can wear them for very long. than, Women have shoes they can probably wear for a whole night out. possibly, they get shoes that they wear every day.All of that searching resulted in Simes amassing an amount of 300 pairs of shoes ranging from Ferragamo high heels with red lacquered soles to a pair of [url=]cheap christian louboutin Store[/url] rubber boots with multicolored polka dots.the range nearly fills a room in her Forest Park home. day-by-day, Shoes are arrayed on the floor in pairs. She keeps the special shoes in clear plastic food tubs piled chest high.She tried offering shoes at flea markets and on eBay. arranged of women shoes is sold on eBay every eight seconds.EBay is so dreadful. I have a high degree, And I couldn [url=]louboutin cheap[/url] decipher it out, Simes, A apothecary, considered.Republican workers photo by Mark M. MurrayA [url=]cheap louboutin shoes[/url] panel shot of Ellen F. Just thinking about the shoes.A search of If the Shoe Doesn Fit reveals a wide variety, [url=]cheap christian louboutin Store[/url] With some shoes going for $50 a pair up to the New Declic python pump from Christian Louboutin at $1,095.selected are new, Simes proclaimed. Some shoe or shoe stores sell overstocks and close outs on the site. One vendor in the exact location offers men Red Wing hiking boots and work shoes at discount prices.The site target market is women age 18 to 45, except, Simes thought, the website features men shoes as, actually, Are not as likely to resell the high end dress shoes they buy, Instead settling on wear them until they wear out, She spotted.Simes said she has to be in search of fakes. She red flags sellers who list shoes too cheap, commonly a dead giveaway of a knockoff. She also checks to make sure the submitted photo was taken with a camera, Not lifted from a catalog or business site.
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