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Key Components for Synchronous Optical Quadrature Phase Shift Keying Transmission
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Project synQPSK successfully finished

On Sept. 25 and 26, 2008, the synQPSK consortium gave its final project presentation. The reviewers agreed that the project was successfully completed and stated:

"... the project achieved its essential objective, which was to prove and test the operation at 40 Gbit/s of all components designed and developed within the project."

"The consortium appears well aware of research, industry and standardization activities ongoing in the coherent transmission arena, and the outcomes of the project, and the related skills and expertise gained, have allowed and allow the partners to participate in national and international initiatives, the majority of which are further looking in the future, aiming at 100 Gbit/s."

The synQPSK consortium members continue their research in phase-noise tolerant coherent transmission and the development of the required components. A path towards coherent 16-QAM transmission with DFB lasers has been found.


Press_release_21.March 2007 ("Real-time electronic polarization tracking enables optical polarization-multiplexed QPSK transmission")

Synchronous optical quadrature phase shift keying transmission combined with polarization division multiplex and return-to-zero coding is an extremely attractive modulation format for metropolitan area and long haul fiber communication. This project aims at realizing all necessary components which can not be found on the market, and validating them in a 10 Gsymbols/s, 40 Gbit/s "synQPSK" testbed.

Number Name Leader
WP 1 QPSK modulator development Henri Porte, Photline
WP 2 90° hybrid and front end development Yakoov Achiam, CeLight
WP 3 Balanced photoreceiver development Stefan Hansmann, IPAG (until 30.06.2005)
Franz Josef Tegude, Univ. Duisburg-Essen (from 01.07.2005).
WP 4 Signal processing component development Ulrich Rückert, Univ. Paderborn
WP 5 Synchronous QPSK component testbed Reinhold Noé, Univ. Paderborn
WP 6 Management Reinhold Noé, Univ. Paderborn
WP 7 Dissemination & Exploitation Reinhold Noé, Univ. Paderborn.

This project was supported by the EU under FP6 IST -2002-2.3,2,3, contract number 004631


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