Subject of a successfully finished DFG project was the development of integrated circuits for data regeneration, i.e. clock recovery and data decision, for NRZ data rates of 10 Gbit/s based on Si-CMOS technology. The fabrication of the ASICs is done via CMP in a 0.18 µm technology offered by STM .

This project was part of a joint effort together with University Stuttgart, Germany and Southeast University Nanjing, China, founded by DFG and NSFC , respectively, which targets the development of complete chip-sets for transmitter and receiver in optoelectronic data transmission systems at 10 Gbit/s.



In another successfully completed DFG-project, integrated active sensors for electro-magnetic near field scans above IC’s and boards were developed, again in the III/V-HEMT-technology provided by OMMIC Limeil, France.

The results were incorporated into the European MEDEA project PARACHUTE, in which, managed by Fraunhofer ENAS/ASE Paderborn, the universities in Erlangen/Nuremberg and in Hannover collaborated with the companies Infineon Technologies AG Munich and Continental TEMIC Nuremberg.