International Friends

International Friends on 23th of October in L2.202

Soon is Friday again, that means the ASV invites you to our next event of International Friends. Thank you all who made the last Friday afternoon so memorable. It was nice to see so many new students in our university. Join us again from 17:00-20:00 h in the building L2.202 (closest to the 'Südring Center' at busstop Uni/Südring). First we show you that it is fun to learn a few words in Spanish and German. Afterwards we will discuss the typical German and find out where is the difference between image in mind and acting in real. Furthermore we would like to play some fun games with all of you. Sounds great?! Remember: Friday, 23.10.2015 at 17:00 -20:00 in L2.202 wink emoticon The ASV is looking forward to see you. Take the chance and get to know many more people, bridge the cultural gap. You also don't need to care about snacks and drinks, we will provide them for you :) Wir laden euch wieder ganz herzlich zu unserem nächsten 'International Friends'Treffen ein. Komm am Freitag, den 23.10. ab 17-20 Uhr in den Raum L2.202 vorbei. Bring deine Freunde mit, lerne neue, nette Leute kennen, hab einfach jede Menge Spaß. Wir freuen uns schon, mit euch wieder ein bisschen Deutsch und Spanisch zu lernen. Dann zu erfahren, welche Stereotypen ihr über Deutsche habt und einfach ein paar Spiele zu spielen. Du brauchst weder etwas zu trinken noch etwas zu essen mitbringen, wir stellen Snacks und Getränke bereit. Bis Freitag :)

International Friends 11th of September 2015

Our last event tool place during the Semester back. We were very happy to welcome many students as well as to meet friends we have not seen for a very long time. Thank you all for your participation. In the beginning we played an easy match of Volleyball in which it showed that many of us are very good and already professionals :) Afterwards we did a Quiz about mould because we want to prevent the students to get it. As the results showed many more information about this subjects were necessary. We hope that in the future they do not have to suffer of it. At the end we finished the afternoon by talking to each other and enjoying together the nice weather. We hope to see you again in October, after the Orientation week, on Friday the 16th of October.

International Friends on the 15th May

Last Friday we had a very active "International Friends" - session. To enjoy the good weather on the green next to the P9-building we played Frisbee and Volleyball. A game called "ASV Bingo" was next on the program. It implied that the participants had to talk to each other to find out about the other person's likings and past experiences. For example, you had to find a participant who doesn't like coffee or could recite a poem by heart. By the way, I never found a person who can juggle. If there is anyone with this ability, maybe you want to show us your talent some time... Afterwards, Jean was so kind to give a short introduction about his home country Belgium. He explained that people speak different languages. There is a French-speaking community and a Dutch-speaking community. We learned some basic sentences in both languages, even though some of us were more interested to learn French pick-up lines. The game "Scavenger Hunt" is also known as "Paper Chase". Everyone was divided in two groups. The first group left the P9-building, walked along some nice streets in Paderborn and marked their path with chalk. The second group had to wait for a few minutes and then started to look for the chalk markings to trail after the other group. In the end, the group of pursuers caught up with the first group and won the game. I'm sorry, group 1! We learned some new and hidden paths in Paderborn and I feel like I have a slightly better sense of orientation because of it. When we came back to the campus a lot of people didn't feel like leaving and so we stayed and had fun till around 10pm. In the room people could still eat, drink and talk. Outside we played Frisbee and Volleyball or sat at the terrace and joked around. We hope you had as much fun as we did and want to thank you all for joining us on this nice day. See you next Friday!

International Friends on the 8th of May

First of all thank you for beeing part of the meeting of International Friends. This meeting Shiori taught us a few words of Japanese. Everyone could really see that she put a lot of effort in it as she liked our pronounciation. Even though most of us spok Japanese for the first time in their lifes, we were able to say "Good morning", "Good evening", "What's your name?", "My name is ..." very quickly. Since we were in the L2.202 building we had enough space to play "friendship wheel". For this game the tables had to be arranged alongside each other. Usually during our other meetings in the P9 builing, everyone gets into interaction with each other, but for this time we thought that the participants should get to know each other better. Therefore one couple sits at one table and faces eacht other. In a couple of minutes every pair gets the chance to held a conversation in which every partner can ask question about hobbies, career, likes or dislikes or whatever he wanted to know about his partner. After a few minutes you change the partner. Even at the end you felt like to have asked many more things your different partners. Due to the fact that people were talking with each other even until the meeting of International Friends, we ran out of time and plan to play "scavenger hunt" the 15th of May that we promised for this meeting. Thank you all for joing and see you Friday the 15th in P9 again! :)

International Friends on the 24th of April

Thank you to all who participated and joined International Friends on the 24th of April. The meeting was again very special! Not only that our Turkish friend and member of ASV thaught us a few words in turkish, we also got into contact with sign language which was for the most of us a new experience. In the end we were able to spell our names with hand signs. Thanks to D. and U.!
After this part of concentration it was time to move our body. V. cheered us up to dance a real Bollywood-Dance. Some of us had initially difficulties to keep the rhythm. But once having watched attentivly what V was doing and trying to imiate her moves, we enjoyed the dance, the music and the laughter in the group when someone was called in the middle to perform another move while the others around you clapped only for you.
Luckily the weather was great why we played, to the end at 20:00h, different games outside P9 building.
It seemed that everybody had fun. We would be very happy to see you and your friends on the 8th of May at 17:00h

See you, your ASV-Team


Dear friends,

It’s Friday again! Time for International Friends - the platform where you get into contact with students from all over the world  
Thank you to these ones who have taken part the last times!
We meet from 5 pm till 8 pm in P9 2.11

During International Friends you will experience many interesting things from different cultures:
In the first hour which is called ‘Culture and Language’ you will easily learn another language like French and German. Additionally we will present you important facts about Münster. It's a very pretty and lively city 1,5 hours from Paderborn.

On Saturday, the 9th of May, ASV is doing a trip to this nice place. Not only that you easily make new friends, explore a typical city in Westphalia, ASV is also paying your lunch and a drink. So this Friday we give you a short overview about the 'must sees' in Münster.

Furthermore very special for the meeting in this week is that you get the unique chance to gain in insight in sign language.
If you want you can do a short presentation of your country in one of the next meetings. You only need to contact us.
In the following hour you will get into interaction with other people while having fun by playing traditional games from different countries.
In the last meetings it seemed that you had a lot of fun. We invite you to make the next meeting as special as the others already have been!

So join us and you will see what nice people are waiting to get to know you !

See you,
Your ASV- Team!

PS: The ASV-Team is caring for your physical enlightenment. That means that you don’t need to bring any food or drinks. We will have some snacks and drinks.




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  1. Hey friends,
    on the 1st of May there is no meeting of Internationale Freunde because it is a holiday and many of you leave Paderborn. Therefore, fhe next meeting is on the 8th :)
    So, remember, we will see us on the 8th of May :)
    Your ASV-Team

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