Comming dates for International Friends

This Monday there is no meeting of International Friends. We wish you successful exams and hope to see you some time during the “vacations”. Then we will having some meetings. Further information will be posted here :)

African Week

African Week with ASV

Written by Sabrina Barnow, photographed by Safiullah Khan.

Last week the ASG (Afrikanische Studierende Gemeinschaft) organized the “African Week” in cooperation with ASV. African food, clothes, music, accessories and other cultural artifacts were presented in the Bibo foyer. Students were welcome to try home-made food, ask questions, get in dialogue with African students and win jewelry by participating in a quiz.

Besides the promotional stall in the Bibo foyer, the program included lectures and discussions as well as a party to finish a successful event.

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ASV Reise nach Münster

Written by Sabrina Barnow. (English version is below. ) 

Letzten Samstag ist der ASV mit internationalen Studenten, u.a. aus Indien, Pakistan, Syrien, Estland, Rumänien und Kolumbien nach Münster gefahren.

IMG_20150509_114025 IMG_20150509_130610

Am Morgen nahmen wir den Zug und sobald wir den Hauptbahnhof in Münster verlassen hatten, wurde wir von Sonnenschein begrüßt.


Statistisch gesehen besitzt jeder Bewohner Münsters mindestens ein Fahrrad und wir waren besonders verblüfft als wir um den Hauptbahnhof herum die vielen Räder sahen.


Wir besichtigten verschiedene historische Gebäude und Sightseeing-Attraktionen, wie das alte Rathaus, den Erbdrostenhof (ein Stadt-Palais), den Dom und weitere schöne Kirchen. Auf dem Wochenmarkt, vor dem Dom, ließen sich einige von uns von dem Geruch frisch-gebackener Waffeln locken.


Vor dem Schloss haben wir uns in die Sonne gesetzt und entspannt, verschiedene Spiele gespielt und leckere Pizzen gegessen. Nachdem wir den botanischen Garten mit all seinen bekannten und exotischen Blumen besucht haben, gingen wir zum Aasee und genoßen die Aussicht am Ufer.

IMG_20150509_170119 IMG_20150509_181657


Nach einem langen Tag in Münster nahm jeder gerne wieder im Zug zurück nach Paderborn Platz. Nur einige Studenten haben sich so in die Stadt verliebt, dass sie gerne noch eine Weile bleiben wollten und nahmen einen späteren Zug heim.

Das ist nicht verwunderlich, denn die vielen Studenten und jungen Menschen sorgen dafür, dass Münster eine sehr lebhafte Stadt ist, die man nur ungern verlässt. Jede Woche werden viele verschiede kulturelle Veranstaltungen angeboten und wenn du dich dafür interessierst umliegende Städte von Paderborn kennen zu lernen, können wir dir Münster auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.


ASV Trip to Münster

Last saturday ASV organized a tour to Münster and invited international students from India, Pakistan, Syria, Estonia, Romania, Columbia and several other countries.

In the morning we took the train and as soon as we stepped out of Münster’s train station we were greeted by sunshine. Statistically every inhabitant owns at least one bike and especially in the area around the train station everyone was baffled to see all the bicycles. We visited several historical buildings and sightseeing attractions like the old Town Hall, the Erbdrostenhof (a grand residence), the Cathedral and some beautiful churches.


At the local market some of us were tempted by the smell of freshly-baked German pancakes. In front of the castle we relaxed in the sun, played some games and ate tasty pizza. After touring the botanical garden, with all its exotic as well as beautiful familiar flowers, we went over to the Aasee, the lake in Münster and enjoyed the waterside.


After a long day everyone was glad to take a seat on the train going back to Paderborn. Only a few students fell in love with the city and decided to stay a while longer and take a later train home.

That is hardly surprising because Münster is a vibrant city with a lot of students and young inhabitants. There are several cultural events every week. So if you are interested in visiting several cities around Paderborn we can definetly recommend it now.







Pakistan Abend

Pakistani Night

Yesterday was again our regular event the “cultural night”. This time we had one of the friendliest folks of the world, who are from Pakistan!

Pakistan Abend

Pakistani Night

It was full of crowd! Even all the chairs we prepared were not enough for the visitors so that almost 1/3 of visitors had to stand!

Pakistan Abend

Visitors of Pakistan Abend

The event began with the speeches from the heads of the three cooperative societies for this event: ASV, ESG, KHG and international office. After that the president of the Pakistan students society gave us an introduce about his country in many aspects like geography, policies, clothes, music, food and so on.


From this introduction the visitors can for example know how many provinces there are in Pakistan and how the traditional clothes differ from city to city or who are the famous writers from Pakistan or how the education system in Pakistan look like does.

Pakistani students in their tranditional clothes22427_1595134084078750_9109668126501083737_n

Also the visitors got the chance to play with a traditional Pakistani flute.

Pakistan Abend

Pakistani flute

Even we got a Pakistani band who claimed they are amateur but in fact they sounded very professional and got a lot of enthusiastic applause!

Pakistan Abend

Pakistani music

After enjoying the beautiful music there was also a quiz competition waiting for the visitors. The reward for each quiz was a piece of Ritter Sport chocolate, which surely motivated the visitors to think out the questions.

The Pakistani students have also prepared some delicious food for the visitors, so that the visitors could know about Pakistan from another sensation :-p!

Pakistan Abend

Pakistani food

The creative Pakistani girls even prepared a henna stall so that the Pakistani beauty fashion can also be spreaded  in Paderborn!

Pakistan Abend

Henna stall

Pakistan Abend

After enjoying the food there was also a party waiting for the visitors. Dancing, laughing, enjoying, what a wonderfull night!

Pakistan Abend


Pakistan Abend


We hope all of you who were there have enjoyed a lot and the lovely night will be a beautiful memory in your mind!

Lots of thanks to all the people who have contributed to this wonderful event!  Without your help would it not be so perfect like yesterday!

We welcome students from all countries to present their countries. We will our best to offer you any help you want!


Best regards!

Your Team-ASV